PARSUN is an international brand with technology and expertise from US and Japanese partners. Parsun was the official supplier of outboards for World Expo Shanghai 2010.

Our core team have accumulated the experience of developing power engine products since 1968. They have experience in carrying OEM project of making crucial parts for OMC (today’s Evinrude).Since 1996, Parsun commenced production of gasoline generators, engines and water pumps. Up to now, Parsun are top brands for generators and pumps respectively in most countries esp. in Middle East and Africa. In 2006, we started mass production of outboard motors. Today our production capacity is 80,000 pcs annually, approaching the top five outboards manufacturers in the world. In the most professional magazine test in Scandinavia, our 9.9HP has ranked 2nd among all top brands. According to China customs statistics, we are the biggest manufacturer and exporter of outboard motors products in China (excluding Mercury Suzhou plant), accounting for over half of the annual export volume and amount. Our products have been sold to over 110 countries all over the world and we have representatives in 70 countries.

Suzhou Parsun Power Machine Co., Ltd. has been granted as “High-Tech Enterprise” and Parsun outboard motors have been granted as “High-Tech Product” by China government.

Parsun is the only manufacturer to draft the first China National Standard of Outboard Motors for China government, because of its elite status in the industry. All in all, we take quality and your safety as our life, take customers as our friends, take your satisfaction as our goal. And we often say quality is power, the power for a better life, a trouble free world!



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